Though a Parker County native, Matt Tedder has long called Fort Worth home. Of course, home is rarely where any musician lays his head and Matt has been fortunate at 27 to have experiences over the last thirteen years from street corners to main stages at international festivals.

Those adventures are finding fruit in a forthcoming album from producer Gordy Quist of Band of Heathens infamy. Keep an eye and ear out for its release in 2023.

Country roots were ever present as those of a post oak, but blues called him out at a young age and the road home was long.

Lauded as a guitar man since he was a boy, Tedder now feeds his true calling as a honkytonk wordsmith. He’s capable of laying down embraceable turn of phrase inside everything from a hot Austin boogie to a post-war waltz. Then he’ll light up your lava lamp with a psychedelic romp suitable for a desert run with the windows down. Of course, those blues are always close at hand & he can slide ‘em into a set seamlessly…

The voice is immediately recognizable due to quick web searches finding national television appearances long before he actually found his. 

And this voice carries a comforting Texas twang that’s like no other, clearly infused with childhood memories of the haunting sounds of Hank & Merle.

Everybody does a lil’ time in Nashville then makes parole & goes home, Willie in ‘72 and Tedder at just twenty after a hard three year ride. He did his time & don’t plan on reoffendin’, Fort Worth & Austin are a better fit. But regardless of where he finds himself, you can bet he’ll give ya one hell of a show. Y’all get ready…